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She lay on her soft bed. She has envy toward us. Why?

0 votes
She lay on her soft bed. She has envy toward us. Why?
posted Jun 22, 2020 by Mohammad

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1 Answer

0 votes

She is sick and we are not.

answer Jun 22, 2020 by Jcm

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I am covered with milky soft coat &

When my head glows red,

I slowly sink into a white bed,

Never to stand again.

Who Am I?

+1 vote

A man phoned his daughter to ask her to buy a few things he needed for a trip. He told her she would find enough dollar bills for the purchases in an envelope on his desk. She found the envelope with 98 written on it.

In a store she bought $90 worth of things, but when it was time to pay she not only didn’t have $8 left over but she was short.

By how much was she short of cash, and why?

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There is a magical door, that has only one rule.
A witch can't go in but her broom can.
She sometimes stick her teeth in but never her mouth.
She likes to brush her teeth with toothpaste but never with her hands.
Her friend Moloia can't go in but Reene can.
So, what is the rule?

+1 vote

Maya's new house number has three digits. When she challenged her friends to guess it, they tried: 135, 780, 785, and 732.

"That's amazing," Maya said. "You've each guessed exactly one digit correctly and in its right place!"

What is Maya's house number?

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