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How many country names can you find in the following statements?

0 votes

How many country names can you find in the following statements?

  1. Don't reach in a crack in the rocks, there might be snakes in there.
  2. While I was on the highway called the Alcan, a daily occurrence was car breakdowns.
  3. The top social class, as defined by many, is the upper-upper.
posted Jun 14, 2020 by Aastha Joshi

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Find the names of 5 planets hidden in the following sentences:
1. "What hurts?" asked the doctor. "It's my ear," the patient cried.
2. "Steven, use the screwdriver to build those shelves."
3. Everyone takes a turn during Monopoly.
4. "Cassie, you ran us over with your bicycle!"
5. "Sam, arsenic is poisonous. I read the definition in the dictionary."

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The U.S. Presidents made some horrible political decisions. They decided to hide from the mob coming after them by hiding in these five sentences. You are hired as a private sleuth to find each of them. Can you find their last names in these five sentences?

  1. Ice pops taste the best on hot afternoons.
  2. The weird dictator said that he would build magenta dams.
  3. The man told his mother that he wouldn't be home for dinner.
  4. I have to fill more of the holes our dog dug in the yard.
  5. I was going to take the bus home, but I missed it.
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