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How much was have you written on cheque ?

0 votes

You went to a bank to cash out your cheque.

By mistake the bank cashier gives you-

Dollar amount in cent, and
Cent amount in dollars.
On the way home you spends 5 cent, and then suddenly you notices that you have twice the amount of your cheque.

How much was have you written on cheque ?

posted May 20, 2020 by Puneet Batra

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A man went into a bank to cash a cheque. In handing over the money the cashier, by mistake, gave him dollars for cents and cents for dollars. He pocketed the money without examining it, and spent a nickel on his way home.

He then found that he possessed exactly twice the amount of the cheque. He had no money in his pocket before going to the bank. What was the exact amount of that cheque?

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A mathematician couple was having a Frappuccino in Starbucks sitting opposite to each other.
Suddenly the guy noticed the text written on the paper in front of them and exclaimed that it was wrong.
The girl denied and said it is appropriate.
Both are correct.
What is written on the paper ?

0 votes

A man has a bank cheque of denomination value X Rupees Y Paise. He went to bank to cash it. Bank manager by mistake paid him the cash money in reverse order, i.e., Y Rupees X paisa. The man was very lucky. He get Rupees 1 more than double of his actual payment. What was the actual denomination value of the bank cheque?

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