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Can you put the all seven in order of age, oldest first?

0 votes

William is the youngest of a group of seven people.

Marie is older than Claire and Peter but younger than John.

Claire is older than Jenny but younger than Peter.

Sarah is older than Marie but younger than John.

Can you put the all seven in order of age, oldest first?

posted Dec 17, 2019 by Prithvi

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2 Answers

0 votes
  1. John
  2. Sarah
  3. Marie
  4. Peter
  5. Claire
  6. Jenny
  7. William
answer Dec 17, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov
0 votes


answer Dec 18, 2019 by Ram Kushwah

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The taxes were to be paid in the form of grains. Everyone must pay pounds of grain equaling his respective age. Which means a 20 year old will have to pay 20 pounds of grains and a 30 years old will pay 30 pounds of grain and so on.

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  2. The murderer's gender.
  3. The murderer's height.
  4. The murderer's occupation.
  5. The murderer's age.
  6. The genre of music the murderer preferred.

Quinn arrested a man who lived on Austin Avenue, was 5'0", a teacher, in his 20's, and preferred rock and roll.
Ralph arrested a woman who lived on Guildford Way, was 5'6", a doctor, in her 30's, and preferred classical.
Steve arrested a man who lived on Mariner Way, was 5'11", a doctor, in his 20's, and preferred country.
Ted arrested a man who lived on Pipeline Road, was 5'0", a construction worker, in his 40's, and preferred classical.
Uriah arrested a woman who lived on Rochester Avenue, was 5'0", a storekeeper, in her 20's, and preferred rock and roll.
Victor arrested a woman who lived on Shaughnessy Street, was 6'4", a teacher, in her 50's, and preferred jazz.

The seventh detective, the one who had been a detective for twenty years, arrested the real murderer. He then said to the other six, "I see you have arrested two of the three shortest men and one of the two tallest women in town. But they are all innocent, and so are the other three. Here are two facts:
1. Each of you six are correct in the same number of particulars as anyone else.
2. Exactly one of each kind of particular is correct."

On which street did the murderer live?

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