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How many ways can the agency choose three trainees to form a group, provided that the group must have at least..........

+1 vote

An entertainment agency has seven trainees. Each of the trainees does at least one of dancing, singing, and rapping, and no two trainees have the same skill set.
How many ways can the agency choose three trainees to form a group, provided that the group must have at least one dancer, one singer, and one rapper (who are not necessarily distinct)?

posted Oct 23 by Sandeep Otari

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1 Answer

0 votes

32 ways

Dancing- d, singing- s, rapping- r
Skill set as per trainee, 7 possible options as:
1- dsr
2- ds
3- dr
4- sr
5- d
6- s
7- r

Options of 3 trainees with required skill test:
1. dsr+ any 2 others --> 15 ways
2. ds+ 2 others with r included in any --> 4+3+1+1= 9 ways
3. dr+ 2 others with s included in any --> 3+2= 5 ways
4. sr+ 2 others with d included in any --> 2 ways
5. d+s+r --> 1 way

Total- 15+9+5+2+1= 32 ways

answer Oct 29 by Hanifa Mammadov

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