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Mom And 2 Daughters, Dad And 2 Sons, A Maid And A Dog crossing the river?

+2 votes

You must have heard of so many river crossing riddles however this one is a bit tricky one. We have a dysfunctional family on one side of the river which includes mom and 2 daughters, dad and 2 sons, a maid and a dog. Like usual, there is a boat that can hold only two persons at a time (dog counts as one person as well). Obviously, the kids can’t operate the boat and we need an adult for that task.

Here comes the difficulties. The maid must remain with the dog so she can control it or it will head up for a violent biting. The dad cannot be left with the daughters without mom and nor can the mother be left alone with the sons without dad.

Can you help them cross the river?

posted Sep 30, 2014 by Tapesh Kulkarni

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3 Answers

+5 votes

we start with a mother (m), two daughters (d1, d2), a father (f), two sons (s1, s2), a housemaid (h), and a dog (c – canine) assume on the west (W) shore, and they all want to get to the east (E) shore.

W = {m, d1, d2, f, s1, s2, h, c} // everyone on the west shore
E = {} // no one on the east shore
let’s move everyone, over…

housemaid and dog (canine(c)) go east, and the housemaid comes back:

W = {m, d1, d2, f, s1, s2, h}
E = {c}
housemaid and s1 go east, h and c come back:

W = {m, d1, d2, f, s2, h, c}
E = {s1}
father and s2 go east, father comes back:

W = {m, d1, d2, f, h, c}
E = {s1, s2}
mother and father go east, mother comes back:

W = {m, d1, d2, h, c}
E = {f, s1, s2}
h and c go east, father comes back:

W = {m, d1, d2, f}
E = {s1, s2, h, c}
father and mother go east, mother comes back:

W = {m, d1, d2}
E = {f, s1, s2, h, c}
mother and d1 go east, housemaid and c come back:

W = {d2, h, c}
E = {m, d1, f, s1, s2}
h and d2 go east, h comes back

W = {h, c}
E = {m, d1, d2, f, s1, s2}
h and c go east

W = {}
E = {m, d1, d2, f, s1, s2, h, c}

answer Sep 30, 2014 by Janmejay Sharma
+1 vote
  1. maid and dog go to the 2nd island
  2. maid comes back
  3. maid and father 1st son go to the 2nd island
  4. maid and dog go back
  5. father and 2nd son go to 2nd island
  6. father goes back
  7. father and mother go to second island
  8. mother goes back
  9. dog and maid go to the second island
  10. father goes back
  11. mother and father go to the second
  12. mother goes back
  13. mother and 1st daughter go to the second
  14. dog and maid back
  15. maid and 2nd daughter go to the second
  16. maid goes back
  17. maid and dog go to the second
answer Jan 22, 2015 by Jasmint Santos
+1 vote

First the maid and dog are going. Leaving the dog there maid returns
Then Maid and 1 daughter is going there . Leaving the daughter over there,maid and the dog returns on that boat.
Now,Mom and 2nd daughter goes on the boat. Leaving the 2nd daughter also over there, mom rows the boat back,.
Now Mom and dad rows the boat. Mom is left over the other side and Dad returns back.
Then, Maid and dog are going. leaving maid and dog over there, Mom returns back.
Now again Mom and dad are going on the boat. Mom is left over there and dad returns.
Then Dad + 1 son. Both gets down on the other side.
Then maid +dog goes back.
Maid and 2nd son returns on that.
Leaving 2nd son , maid returns
Finally maid and dog reaches the other side.

answer Jun 6, 2015 by anonymous

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