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What will be the maximum distance that you can travel with this two wheeler?

+1 vote

Suppose I am giving you a two wheeler,
It has one front wheel and one rear wheel,
Now I am giving you one more wheel (extra wheel)
So now total you have 3 wheels,
Each wheel can travel 5 kms and after that wheel will burst.
Then what will be the maximum distance that you can travel with this two wheeler.

Note :- You can interchange all 3 wheels with each other to travel longer distance.

posted Aug 14 by Varun Kumar

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1 Answer

0 votes

The third wheel adds half of its life to the other two, so total distance can be traveled 5 km + 5km / 2=7.5 km
This can be achieved by changing wheels every 2.5 km

answer 5 days ago by Hanifa Mammadov

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Sajal has an infinite number of identical books that are rigid and perfectly rectangular. He places them all in a stack on the edge of a table.

enter image description here

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A research team went to a village somewhere between the jungles of Africa. Luckily for them, they reached on the day when quite an interesting custom was to be performed. The custom was performed once in a year as they confirmed and was performed in order to collect the taxes from every male of the region.

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