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Alex and his friends are hanging out in his front yard one day, and they notice..............what is the neighbors name?

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Alex and his friends are hanging out in his front yard one day, and they notice the house next to them has been sold and somebody new has moved in. Alex and his friends decide they want to greet the person the next day.

So it is the next day. Before they leave, Alex's mother asks them what they are doing, but since Alex despises his mom and doesn't like to talk to her, he just answer with "we are going to the new neighbor, can you leave us alone?" She says "who is the new neighbor." But Alex tells her to shut up and they leave.

They ring the doorbell, the neighbor comes outside, and Alex says hello and then the neighbors name. So what is the neighbors name?

posted Aug 7 by Karan Joglekar

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2 Answers

0 votes

She says "who is the new neighbor"---> So new neighbor's name is Who

answer Aug 7 by Hanifa Mammadov
0 votes

Who is the name of new neighbor

answer Aug 7 by Chandresh Jardosh

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