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Near Orange Bags?!

+2 votes

This is the password entering device (or PED) version of Braingle’s Near Orange Bags. You can find the original puzzle here:

You are a smart decoder. Your friend has trapped in a strong, metal cage. Suddenly, a bellowing voice appeared out of nowhere and said:

"You only have 1 chance to enter the correct code in the cage's code
pad or else, an elephant gets out of nowhere and tramples your ally.
This postcard on the floor will help you."

You look down the floor to see an unusual letter. It says:

A relative of mine was expelled.
It was my niece.
Wouldn't you agree?
It was because she joined a band of bikers.
She's doing lots of things wrong.
She always shows a lot of toughness.

Isaac Newton:
Near orange bags lying east.
Gets as strange equally slowly.

That P.S. looks like it could be the catalyst to solve for the encrypted password.

What should you type to rescue your friend???

enter image description here

Hint 1:

First Letter

Hint 2:

Somehow related to this:
enter image description here

posted Aug 3 by Afsana Akhter

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1 Answer

0 votes
Best answer

Isaac Newton:
Near orange bags lying east.
Gets as strange equally slowly.

First letters of each word -----> INNOBLEGASES => IN NOBLE GASES
ie the letters of the code are between the noble gas symbols

NOBLE GAS SYMBOLS : Kr, Ar, Xe, Ne, He & Rn

A relative of mine was e Xpe lled. => P
It was my Nie ce. => I
Wouldn't you Agr ee? => G
It was because she joined a band of bi Ker s. => E
She's doing lots of things w Ron g. => O
She always shows a lot of toug Hne ss. => N

So the password has to be 'PIGEON'.

answer Aug 4 by Tejas Naik
Good job! You saved my friend!

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