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What color shirt is Aanand wearing ?

0 votes

There are two men.
One of them is wearing a red shirt,
and the other is wearing a blue shirt.
The two men are named Aanand and Brijesh,
but we do not know which is Aanand and which is Brijesh.

The guy in the blue shirt says, "I am Aanand."
The guy in the red shirt says, "I am Brijesh."

If we know that at least one of them lied, then
What color shirt is Aanand wearing ?

posted Jul 17 by Balwinder

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1 Answer

0 votes

Aanand is wearing red.
Both statements support each other. Thus either both are right or both are wrong.
Since at least 1 lied, both statements are false.

answer Jul 17 by Jcm

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You are strolling in the woods where you find a man lying dead. Next to him, you find a piece of rock. You do not find any other weapon alongside. There is no one around and the dead person is wearing clothes with red, blue and yellow color.

Can you guess who the person is and what killed him?

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Three friends, Mr. Green, Mr. Red and Mr. Blue, were returning from a party.
One man wore a green suit, one wore a red suit, and one wore a blue suit.

The man in the blue suit said to the others:
"Have you noticed that none of us is wearing a suit color that matches our own name?"

Mr. Red then turned to him and exclaimed
"You're absolutely right!"

Assume everyone spoke the truth,
What color suit was Mr. Green wearing?

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Three friends named Mr. Black, Mr. Yellow and Mr. Green enter a disco on a weekend night. They are wearing either a Black, Yellow or Green shirt.

Mr. Yellow says to them, 'Did you notice that we all are wearing different colour shirts than our names?'

To this, the man who was wearing the Green shirt said. 'Wow, thats right.'

Can you identify who is wearing which colour shirt ?

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Selena, Jennifer and Miley wear
a blue dress, yellow dress, and green dress
in an unknown order.
It is known that :

1) If Selena wears blue, then Jennifer wears green.
2) If Selena wears yellow, then Miley wears green.
3) If Jennifer does not wear yellow, then Miley wears blue.

What is the color of the dress Selena is wearing ?

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