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I flew to Japan and I bought a pair of shoes and a shirt. What did I buy first?

0 votes
I flew to Japan and I bought a pair of shoes and a shirt. What did I buy first?
posted Jul 4 by Aman

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2 Answers

+1 vote

The airline ticket

answer Jul 4 by Comeback Tuesday
0 votes

Airline ticket

answer Jul 12 by anonymous

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I saw a shirt for $97.
I borrowed $50 from mom and $50 from dad.
I bought the shirt and got $3 change.
I returned $1 to mom, and $1 to dad, and kept $1 for myself.
Now I have to return $49 to mom and $49 to dad.
$49 + $49 = $98 + my $1 = $99
Where did the other $1 go ?

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Boman made brownies in less than 2 minutes. He did not go to the store to buy eggs and flour or chocolate. How did he make his brownies?

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Your boss gives you $10 and tells you to buy; Something for him to eat.
Something for him to drink.
Something to feed his cows and something to plant in his garden.
And most importantly you can buy only a single item that meets all these criteria.
What do you buy?

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Ahaan bought a mobile with 25% discount on the labeled price.
He sold the mobile for Rs 3200 with 20% profit on the labeled price.
At what price did he buy the mobile?

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A woman was depended on a public telephone to make her calls, but it was usually out of order. Each day she reported this to the phone company, but nothing was done. Finally she came up with a fib that she told the phone company. The phone was fixed the next day. What did she tell them?

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