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What time was it when she picked him up?

0 votes

Every day, a wife picks up her husband at local train station at 5. One day he arrives early at 4 and he begins to walk home along the road which his wife would be traveling. She meets him and takes him the rest of the way. If he would have waited at the train station, she would have arrived there at 5. As it turned out, they reached home 20 minutes early.

What time was it when she picked him up?

posted Sep 19, 2014 by Vikram Luthra

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1 Answer

0 votes

wife picked husband on 4:50.

Solution: Wife saved 20 minutes of the time. This time was saved as husband covered some distance that wife would cover to meet him at train station. so let say the time saved in covering that distance is "t"
so 20 minutes saved will be twice of "t" as that distance would be covered twice by wife to pick husband.

so t = 10 minutes.
since wife reaches tain station at 5 so in this case she will meet the husband at 5 - 10 minutes = 4:50

answer Sep 19, 2014 by anonymous

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