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Find the Pin of the digital lock?

0 votes

Find the Pin of the digital lock?
enter image description here

posted Apr 25 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

137 is the answer.

answer Apr 25 by anonymous
0 votes

The answer is 1 7 3

answer Apr 29 by anonymous

Similar Puzzles
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A Number Lock has a 3-Digit Key
Hints :
6 3 1 - One number is correct and well placed.
7 3 0 - Nothing is correct.
1 0 2 - Two numbers are correct but wrongly placed.
6 7 8 - One number is correct but wrongly placed.
0 8 7 - One number is correct and well placed.

Can you find the 3 digit key for the number lock ?

+1 vote

On a digital clock there are times which have the special property that the minutes digits add up to the hours digit, like 7:25 or 13:49. Which hour has the most of these times?

–1 vote

A house wife forgot her bank account PIN which is five digits’ number, but luckily she remembered some hints on how to recall this PIN.

Here are some of the clues

1) The 1st digit is a square of the 2nd

2) The sum of the 2nd and 3rd is 10

3) The 4th is equal to the 2nd plus 1

4) The 3rd and the 5th makes 14

5) The sum of all the digits is 30

What is the PIN?

+2 votes

A person forgot his 5 digit pin code, but he remembers some hints.

1st digit is square of 2nd digit.
Sum of 2nd and 3rd digit makes 10.
4th digit is 2nd digit+1.
Sum of 5th and 3rd digit makes 14.
Sum of all 5 digits = 30
Can you guess the person’s pin code from above hints ?

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