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Unscramble the clues to reveal the Indian Sweet (dessert)?

+1 vote

Unscramble the clues to reveal the sweet

1) Cubic foot run
2) Ama nip pun
3) Plain pour
4) Papal lava mat
5) Asia seek Ymir
6) Dakar avail ask
7) Amoeba nude wits
8) Josiah A.W.O.L
9) Smoking area
10) Loan boon I do
11) Pal vat utu
12) Same porky
13) Anphora zip
14) Malaria nappy
15) Elegant swap
16) Bandanna boa
17) Shaky uni
18) Haphazard rampant Henna
19) Panda Mara had
20) Haphazard Mamma Pan
21) Malaysia alive park
22) Lava koph
23) Anaemia spy
24) Chad leave lid

posted Apr 24 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

1) Cubic foot run - COCONUT BURFI
2) Ama nip pun - UNNI APPAM
3) Plain pour - PURAN POLI
4) Papal lava mat - VATALLA APPAM
5) Asia seek Ymir - SEMIYA KESARI
6) Dakar avail ask - AKKARAVADISAL
7) Amoeba nude wits - NOMBU ADAI SWEET
8) Josiah A.W.O.L - SOJI HALWA
9) Smoking area - MANGO KESARI
10) Loan boon I do - BOONDI LADOO
11) Pal vat utu - AVAL PUTTU
12) Same porky - MYSORE PAK
13) Anphora zip - PAZHAM PORI
14) Malaria nappy - PAL PANIYARAM
15) Elegant swap - SWEET PONGAL
16) Bandanna boa - BANANA BONDA
17) Shaky uni - SUKHIYAN
18) Haphazard rampant Henna - NENTHRAPAZHA PRADHAMAN
19) Panda Mara had - ADA PRADHAMAN
20) Haphazard Mamma Pan - MAMPAZHA PRADHAMAN
21) Malaysia alive park - VELLARIKAI PAYASAM
22) Lava koph - PAL KHOVA
23) Anaemia spy - NEI PAYASAM
24) Chad leave lid - VELLA CHEDDAI

answer Apr 25 by Hanifa Mammadov

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