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Choose the best word for the blank?

0 votes

Choose the best word for the blank:

If a quadrilateral with two pairs of consecutive congruent sides is drawn on the surface of a sphere such that each side is part of a great circle, then the great circles containing the two diagonals of that quadrilateral are _____ perpendicular to each other.

posted Apr 22, 2019 by anonymous

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Similar Puzzles
0 votes

Fill in the blank space with a word that connects with both the given words
(form compound words or commonly accepted word combinations)

+1 vote

Making The Right Connections.
Fill In The Blank With A Word That Can Combine With Both The Given Words.
1. Base.....Park
2. Some.....Ever
3. Him.....Made
4. Along.....Board
5. Tooth.....Axe
6. Wide....Sheet
7. Book.....Man
8. Up.....Box
9. Day......Boat
10. Up......Up
11. Pan......Walk
12. Dish......Mark
13. Wheel.....Camp
14. Over.....Hanger
15. Pass.....Worm
16. Foot......Pad
17. Sun.....Time
18. Soft.....House
19. Sound......Reader
20. All.....Girls

0 votes

Let ABC be an acute triangle with angle A = 60 and let D be the midpoint of BC. The points E and F are the feet of the altitudes from B and C respectively. Which one of the given descriptions best describe triangle DEF?

enter image description here

a) Right angled
b) Isoceles
c) Equilateral
d) Scalene

0 votes

Each pair of definitions is for two words,where the second word is the first word with a letter deleted. What are words?
( Ex: brand and band)
The length of the short word in each pair is provided.
1. a thin flat piece cut from something & to untie two pieces by connecting the ends together (5 letters)
2. the total admission receipts for an event & a striped or clouded quartz (4 letters)
3. to bury & to confine or impound (5 letters)
4. blemish or imperfection & to turn aside (6 letters)

0 votes

For each of the following, Find a word ending in CATE.

  1. Suspend a student.
  2. Cut the end of.
  3. Make unclear.
  4. Very detailed.
  5. Highly sensitive.
  6. Make a copy of.
  7. Renounce throne.
  8. Make completely dry.
  9. Appease.
  10. Completely remove.
  11. Disentangle.
  12. Divide into two.
  13. Tame.
  14. Make involved in.
  15. Prove not guilty.
  16. Devote to.
  17. Convolute.
  18. Pope's tenure.
  19. Official document.
  20. Instil.
  21. Set boundary.
  22. Discover position of.
  23. Leave position.
  24. Pleader.
  25. Impart knowledge.
  26. Treat with drug.
  27. Apportion.
  28. Concoct.
  29. Slip out of position.
  30. Make drunk.
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