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This teaser is in honor of man's quest to quench his thirst with non-alcoholic beverages.Can you figure out the drinks?

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This teaser is in honor of man's quest to quench his thirst with non-alcoholic beverages. Can you figure out what drinks are depicted below?

  1. Joint between thigh and lower leg + having great elevation + yielding readily to pressure + swallowing liquid contents.

  2. A practitioner of medicine + spicy hot pod like fruit that grows on plants.

  3. Dried and powdered rhizome used as spice + another name for beer.

  4. Underground portion of a plant + another name for ale.

  5. A natural elevation of the earth's surface having considerable mass and a height greater than that of a hill + water droplets condensed from the air.

  6. A powder made from cacao seeds + tropical African evergreen plant having reddish fragrant nutlike seeds.

posted Mar 26, 2019 by Rajni

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1 Answer

0 votes
  1. Nehi Soft Drink (Knee + high + soft + drink.)
  2. Dr Pepper (Doctor + pepper.)
  3. Ginger Ale (Ginger + ale.)
  4. Root Beer (Root + beer.)
  5. Mountain Dew (Mountain + Dew.)
  6. Coca-Cola (Cocoa + Kola.)
answer Mar 26, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov

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In this teaser, you have to find the odd ones out in the groups of words. BUT WAIT! There's a catch. Each group of words has TWO words which do not belong. Can you find them both?


Lily - Jane - Tulip - Rose

Jane does not belong as it's the only one which is not a flower.

Tulip also does not belong because it's the only one which is not a girl's name.

You're on your own for the rest!

  1. Aqua - Hazel - Willow - Cherry

  2. Cat - Sword - Hamster - Dog

  3. Prince - Double - Queen - King

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In this teaser, you are to start with the letter 'I' and then each time add a letter and shuffle it to make a new word.
You need to continue this process until you reach the word 'CAMPING".
Not including 'I', you must do this in six (6) turns.
Good Luck.

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In this teaser, I will give you a list of clues and the answer, with all the letters, but the word year, missing. Your job is to figure out what to add to the word year to get the answer to the clue.

Example: Reading Glasses = *Y**EAR

1. Word for word, without reading = *Y *EAR*
2. New York Birthplace of F.D.R. = *Y*E *AR*
3. Caveat Emptor = **YE* ***AR*
4. Person engaged in reverie = **Y**EA**R
5. Student at Harvard or Yale, e.g. = **Y *EA***R
6. Seafood restaurant = *Y**E* *AR
7. Old sage who doesn't shave = ***Y*EAR*
8. Extra-powerful, souped up = *Y*E***AR***
9. Absolutely transparent = **Y**** **EAR
10. Place to drop off clothes = **Y **EA**R
11. Jellystone resident = Y*** *EAR
12. Headache remedy since 1899 = **YE* A***R**
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In this teaser, I have given you 4 words. Beside each word is a series of letter groupings. Your task is to find the answer to the word on the left by choosing one letter from each of the letter groups to the right of each clue.


Statuette: fro evi gse rpu lor nai ngd rep


Fgo evI Gse rpU loR naI Ngd rEp = FIGURINE

Sight: vjj asi tys aai vob mnp
Spectacles: ple byn emn agw dls tar shj bsn cem sff
Artistic: aer sde gts htn mnh gej iot aiu abc
Cheat: dsf tyw aei ern oud lkk ies