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I'm unable to find the height of this cone [CLOSED]

0 votes

Here's the question

closed with the note: incomplete
posted Mar 14, 2019 by 1llus1on1st

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Where is the cone?
Hmm I did upload it with my question ig

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A circular cone with height 24 and radius 6 is placed on its circular face on a table. It is then cut by a horizontal plane, which is parallel to the circular base and passes through the midpoint of the height. The volume of the lower part of the cone can be written as A*PI.

What is the value of A?

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What is the maximum volume of a cone inscribed in a sphere of radius 6?

Note: share your workings also

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A cylinder of base radius r and height h is dipped vertically to half the height in a bucket full of purple paint. Find the area of the surface which get painted?

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