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What is the password?

+1 vote

A bridge was guarded by an evil troll. The troll was very intelligent, but he was also a coward. He was afraid of anyone smarter than him. So every time anyone tried to cross the bridge, the troll would set up a test. If the traveler passed the test, he would be allowed to cross. Otherwise, the troll would eat him.

A judge named Oscar came across the bridge. The troll said, "You may only cross my bridge if you know the password." He then wrote 26 equations on a rock: A=1, B=2, and so on until Z=26.

"Today's password is the name of a woman," said the troll. "The woman's name has the same 'product' as the word JUDGE, that is, 10*21*4*7*5. It also has the same number of letters as JUDGE. However it has no letters in common with JUDGE."

"When the first and second letters in the woman's name are switched around, the letters are in alphabetical order."

"Finally," said the troll, "the woman's name does not contain the letter C because I despise the number 3."

So, what is the password? And why couldn't the troll use similar rules to create a password using the name OSCAR rather than the word JUDGE?

posted Feb 27 by Aman

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1 Answer

0 votes

The password is FANNY

answer Feb 27 by Hanifa Mammadov

Similar Puzzles
+1 vote

Jasmine puts her net banking password wrong three times which blocks her access and her password is automatically changed. She contacts the customer support to be assisted with the issue. Here is the conversation she has with the customer care executive:

Jasmine: My password is changed.
Executive: Yes, ma’am, you don’t have to worry. We have kept your password distinct this time. It has eight letters and three of them were used in your earlier password as well.
Jasmine: Okay, I got it. Thanks!

Read the conversation carefully.
Can you tell us what was the original password to Jasmine’s account and what is the new password now?

+1 vote

One day, the boss, named Harold, changed the computer's password. Then one of his employees, named Ted, came up to him and asked if he changed the password. Harold said, " yes I did change the password Ted." Ted replied " may you tell me?" Harold thought and said, " um.. Ok. The password is in this riddle" The employee said" ok got it.
What is the riddle sir?" What is the password?

+1 vote

On 28th Feb, 2012 (Tuesday) a robber went to rob a bank.
He threatened to kill the cashier if he didn't open the vault.
The cashier told that the vault is not opened with keys like in old days but by a password.
You can't kill me since I am the only one who knows the password
and everyday the password is different.
The robber shot the cashier, entered the password, opened the vault and robbed all the money.

+1 vote

A man wanted to encrypt his password but he needed to do it in a way so that he could remember it. His password is 7 characters long. The password consists of letters and numbers only (no symbols like ! or <). In order to remember it he wrote down "You force heaven to be empty."
Can you guess what his password is?

0 votes

A person has uncovered a secret that was a mystery for ages.
He transfers the data into his hard drive and encrypts the drive with a password.
Then, he writes a line on a paper to remember the password.

The line says 'You force heaven to be empty'.

Can you decrypt the line to reveal the password , If you know that the password is
seven characters long that comprise of just letters and numbers?

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