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Find The Hidden Greek Alphabet.

+1 vote

Find The Hidden Greek Alphabet.
1) Basketball managers seem to pay the most money to the tallest
2) Six inches is fifteen centimetres approximately
3) Chemists employ professional pharmacists by law
4) Before a wedding to recognise tables is better left for the bride
5) Children daydream unlike adults who just worry
6) Embezzlers are maybe taking things into their own hands
7) Converting large numbers to micro numbers is time consuming
8) Dentist using amalgam make more mistakes than others
9) Going to church in Italy is mostly just routine
10) Constable painted many sheep in various settings
11) The candidate took apparently a too zealous approach for voters
12) Weed expert found that ivy tends to climb up silo not down
13) Balsa wood is great for making a model tapering from back to forth
14) A two bedroom home, garage and granny flat is expensive in Venice
15) Nobody likes being the idiot amongst the mob
16) Finding the money to upkeep silo not easily met
17) We all vow to provide proper homes for the elderly
18) Number one rule amongst all riddlers is think
19) An auditor has to have a set audit for each client
20) He who stops insisting for change usually suffers most eventually
21) Nazi enigma machines were a secret although finally overcome
22) Nobody notices the lamb dashing among rams & ewes
23) Cheap transport has meant tourists stop hiking and take the bus
24) Now what is the missing alphabet???

posted Feb 27 by Mridul

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Alpha [Α], Nu[Ν], Xi[Ξ] & Chi [Χ].

answer Feb 27 by Tejas Naik
What do you mean?
Erm... Can you find the Greek letters in those sentences?
24) Now what is the missing ALPHAbet??
18) NUmber one rule amongst all riddlers is think
2) Six inches is fifteen centimetres approXImately
5) CHIldren daydream unlike adults who just worry
Great! Can you show me the other ones?
I dont think there are any more of them as far as I can see.
OK, Tejas.

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I come via Latin from Greek,
Step in the direction of something big, so to speak.

The scholars know me very well,
Without me, they may fail.

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and found sometimes on flowers so small.

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