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Chasing Dogs: where will they meet?

0 votes

There are four dogs each at the corner of a unit square. Each of the dogs starts chasing the dog in the clockwise direction. They all run at the same speed and continuously change their direction accordingly so that they are always heading straight towards the other dog.

Where will they meet?

posted Sep 15, 2014 by anonymous

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Two trains 132 metres and 108 metres in length are running towards each other on parallel lines , one at the rate of 32 km per hour and another at 40 km per hour .
In what time will they be clear of each other from the moment they meet ?

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Two men start a bicycle race at triangular track ABC.

Starting from the point A simultaneously, one of them traverse the track in clockwise sense A-> B -> C & the other in anticlockwise sense A-> C-> B with their respective constant speed. After 4 min from the start, they first meet at B and then continue the race.

After what minimum time they meet first at B, will they again meet at B? Distance AB=500m, BC=400m, CA=300m

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You will be given mystery words with four consecutive letters shown, with blank spaces for where the other letters should be. Your job is to find what words they are, and their relation. Hyphenated words will show where the hyphen is.

_ _ R K S C _ _ _

_ _ N E G L _ _ _

_ _ _ T L E - C _ _

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A train leaves from a city called Knox heading towards Bronx at 120 km/h.

Three hours later, a train leaves Bronx heading towards Knox at 180 km/h.

Assuming there’s exactly 5000 kilometers between Bronx and Knox, when they meet, which train is closer to Knox?

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Virat goes to the coaching center every 3 days, Rohit goes to the same coaching center every 4 days.
If the two guys met at the coaching center on Friday, when will be the next time when the two guys would meet at coaching center again?

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