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Identify Greek Gods & Goddesses?

+1 vote

Identify Greek Gods & Goddesses Puzzle
1) Lord of gods
2) Wife of above
3) God of sea
4) God of the underworld
5) Goddess of springtime
6) Thief - god of messengers
7) God of love
8) Goddess of beauty
9) Goddess of harvest
10) God of sleep
11) Goddess of the hunt
12) God of the sun
13) Father to all main godd
14) God of music and poetry
15) Mother to all main gods

posted Jan 17, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

1) Lord of gods- ZEUS
2) Wife of above- HERA
3) God of sea- POSEIDON
4) God of the underworld- HADES
5) Goddess of springtime- PERSEPHONE
6) Thief - god of messengers- HERMES
7) God of love- APHRODITE
8) Goddess of beauty- NIKE
9) Goddess of harvest- DEMETER
10) God of sleep- HYPNOS
11) Goddess of the hunt- ARTEMIS
12) God of the sun- HELIOS
13) Father to all main god- CRONUS
14) God of music and poetry- APOLLO
15) Mother to all main gods- RHEA

answer Jan 17, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov

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