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What are the answers to all these clues and what do those answers have in common?

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What are the answers to all these clues and what do those answers have in common?

  1. An amber tinted paste used on a wienerwurst.
  2. A purple fruit
  3. Besides the number of days, the months of May and August have this in common.
  4. A finely feathered and polychromatic avian friend.
  5. A 7 letter word for a pigment like crimson.
  6. A bleached and neutral hue.
posted Jan 4, 2019 by Madhavi Latha

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1 Answer

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The answers are:

  1. Mustard
  2. Plum
  3. Green (The color of the birthstones of May and August).
  4. Peacock
  5. Scarlet
  6. White

All these words are the last names of the characters in the game of Clue (Cluedo).

  1. Colonel Mustard
  2. Professor Plum
  3. Mr. Green
  4. Mrs. Peacock
  5. Miss Scarlet
  6. Mrs. White
answer Jan 4, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov

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The following clues are "revrebuseserse" (rebuses in reverse).
That is, the clues below are answers to rebuses which all use the "in" construction.
However, the original rebus from the clues below will actually form a word.
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