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During a lucky night out at the casino, Jay, Maya and Kayra won $ 7740..........made $ 2130, how much money did Jay win?

0 votes

During a lucky night out at the casino, Jay, Maya and Kayra won $ 7740 between them.
The difference between the sums of money won by Jay and Maya is twice as much as the difference between the amounts of cash won by Jay and Kayra.
If Maya made $ 2130, how much money did Jay win?

posted Dec 6, 2018 by Harshita Dhaliwal

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1 Answer

0 votes

Jay + Maya + Kayra = $7740 ------ 1
(Jay - Maya) = 2(Jay - kayra) ------- 2
Maya = $2130 ------ 3
Sub 3 in 2
(Jay - $2130) = 2(Jay - kayra) ------- 4
Sub 3 in 1
Kayra = $7740 - Jay - $2130
Kayra = $5610 - Jay --------- 5
Sub 5 in 4
Jay - $2130 = 2(Jay) - 2($5610 - Jay)
Jay = $3030.

answer Dec 6, 2018 by Tejas Naik

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