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Riddle: I Am Always To Be But I Never Was There

0 votes

I am always to be but I never was there.
You can never ever seen me and never ever you can.
Yet I am the confidence of everyone.

posted Sep 7, 2014 by anonymous

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I never was , I always to be . no one ever saw me n nor ever will . And yet I'm the confidence of all . To live and to breath on this terrestrial ball .

who am i ?

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I may seem real but it always turns out I was never there in the first place… you only see me during a certain resting stage. What am I ??

+1 vote

Eternally I am 1 to 6,
Eternally am 15 to 20,
I am always 5,
But I am never ever 21 unless I am flying,
What am I ?