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knights and knaves at an island?

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On the island of Knights and Knaves there live only two types of people: Knights (who always speak the truth) and Knaves (who always lie). I met two men who lived there and asked the taller man if they were both Knights. He replied, but I could not figure out what they were, so I asked the shorter man if the taller was a Knight. He replied, and after that I knew which type they were.

Were the men Knights or Knaves?"

posted Mar 28, 2014 by anonymous

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Suppose you are visiting an island with knights who always tell the truth, knaves who always lie, and jokers who can do either.

You meet three islanders named Ellis, Farin and Gobi. They make the following statements:

Ellis says, "Farin is a joker."
Farin says, "Gobi is a joker."
Gobi says, "Ellis is a joker."

If you know exactly one of them is a joker, how many of them are knights?

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A man is stuck on an island with his best friend and a fisherman. The fisherman and his best friend go off to catch food while he builds a hut. The fisherman returns alone with some salmon he had prepared. His best friend had fallen off a cliff.

After he is rescued from the man goes to a diner and he orders salmon. He eats his meal, he pulls out a gun and commits suicide. Why does he do this?

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And now for more mystery quotes in the style of the Vowel-less knights...

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