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I am owned by Old McDonald. What am I ?

0 votes
I am owned by Old McDonald. What am I ?
posted Aug 18, 2018 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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1 Answer

0 votes

Farm is rhe answer

answer Aug 18, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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+1 vote

(Thing 1)
I, at the start, am old
Many centuries I've been told
Used by the Greeks
For counting techniques
After things were bought and sold

Later is when I became known
As an infinite figure, when shown
You've counted my spaces
Over two billion places
And still, my amount is unknown

(Thing 2)
I, too, am not young
I'm almost as old as Thing 1
I'm just a frog
On the natural log
But I can make counting fun

(Thing 1 and Thing 2)
When you combine us two
In the order of Thing 1 and Thing 2
We'll be a baked treat
That's painful to beat
Whether cherry, peach, or aloo

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Upendra's net income from 5% Government paper is Rs.1225 after paying an income tax at the rate of 2%. Find the number of shares of Rs.1000 each owned by him.

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A person was asked to state his age in years. His reply was, “Take my age three years hence, multiply it by 3 and then subtract three times my age three years ago and you will know how old I am.” What was the age of the person?

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