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All answers have something eights like Spider has Eight Legs?

0 votes

All answers have something eights like Spider has Eight Legs -
1) What a spider has
2) What the solar system has
3) Four quarts
4) 1970s audio technology
5) Comes between sweet sixteen and final four
6) Sink this to win, scratch to lose
7) Movie starring Eminem
8) Together they make one byte
9) 2015 Tarantino western
10) Shape of the infinity symbol
11) Get on the 8th day of Christmas
12) Beatles song about giving 114% of one's love
13) Former Spanish coin worth eight reales
14) Blues progression that repeats every 8 measure
15) First manned mission to orbit the moon
16) Count given to an upright but dazed boxer
17) What the Hindu goddess Durga has
18) Warhol silk-screen featuring a 1950s singer/actor

posted Aug 9 by anonymous

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I have a worm-like body with fifteen or more pairs of legs,
I hide by day and hunt at night,
I have poisonous jaws that can paralyze its victims,
My bite can be excruciating to a mere mortal
I can be found throughout Asia

What am I?

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I can sizzle like bacon; I am made in a egg; I have plenty of backbone but lack my legs. I peel layers like an onion but still remain whole. I can be long like a flag pole yet fit in a hole. I come at you in all sorts of colors and sometimes I like being around water. What am I?

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All answers are four-letter words. Each next answer has two letters in common with the previous letter with the same position?

1) 26th element in the periodic table
2) Country in the Middle East
3) Lock something or someone inside
4) Controls lift on an aircraft
5) Spill or slosh from its container
6) Website where people write down stories
7) Loud noise from explosion or slamming
8) Liquid storage or military vehicle
9) Recreational area or South Korean surname
10) Where ships dock and load
11) 568ml in the UK, 473ml in the US
12) Soil or dust
13) An animal with two wings and two feet
14) Yellow is warning, red is sending you off
15) Chamber cut into a cliff or mountain
16) Not crazy
17) Fire someone off
18) Choose
19) Pig meat
20) Greater in number
21) Use this to tie things together
22) A farmer's tool
23) Money pay for transportation
24) Mother of Jesus

0 votes

I have two arms and a back,
Supported by four legs.
But there is something I do lack,
Actually, I have no eyes to see.

I also cannot move around,
Or at least, not on my own.
Unfortunately I can make no sound,
Except perhaps a squeak.

If you chop off my head,
You are left with a hair.
If you chop off my tail,
Only tea is left there.

One more clue I will add,
Is that you often use me.
Yet you barely ever notice,
In fact I'd much rather be a tree.

What am I?

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