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What phrase is this?

0 votes

Left Side...1st Floor...Right Side
Left Side...2nd Floor...Right Side
Left Side...3rd Floor...Right Side

posted Sep 2, 2014 by Mridul

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What common phrase is represented by this rebus?


0 votes

Everyone has one
yet everyone shares.
And each thinks that yours
is worth just half of theirs.
What am I and what phrase is represented by this?

0 votes

Can you guess what phrase this Rebus puzzle is?

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie

Leonardo Da Vinci, Mother Teresa

Abraham Lincoln, Florence Nightingale

0 votes

What common phrase is represented by this rebus?

Easy going:
Weak, "I'm going."
Tough, "I'm staying."

Medium going:
Weak, "I'm going."
Tough, "I'm staying."
Tough going:
Weak, "I can't do it, I'm staying!"
Tough, "Lets get going."

–1 vote

What is this rebus or phrase saying?

enter image description here

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