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What day is my birthday - The day before yesterday I was 25 and the next year I will be 28...

+1 vote

This is true only one day in a year.

posted Aug 27, 2014 by Manish Tiwari

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3 Answers

+2 votes

Its December 31st

answer Aug 28, 2014 by Binu Mon
+2 votes

It is 31 Dec, Suppose you are asking on 1 January 2014 so day before yesterday means 30 Dec 2013 he was 25 but on 31-Dec-2013 he was 26 and as on this year (2014) on 31 Dec 2014 he will be 27 and next year (on 31 Dec 2015) he will be 28 year old and its the solution

answer Aug 28, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
+2 votes

He was born on December 31st and spoke about it on January 1st.

answer Sep 11, 2014 by anonymous

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