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What are the words?

0 votes

Replace each set of dashes with a eight letter word. The same eight letters must be used for both words.

The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ showed the zoo’s visitors the best way to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the animals.

What are the words?

posted Aug 27, 2014 by Pankaj Deshmukh

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1 Answer

+1 vote


answer Oct 31, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pal

Similar Puzzles
0 votes

Find words to fit the clues.

Each group of crosses will be replaced with the same three letter word.

What are the words?

_ X X X _ _ Talkative

_ X X X _ _ a roof covering

_ X X X _ _ _ a French country house

0 votes

Pair the words to give four longer words.

What are they?


0 votes

Each pair of definitions is for two words,where the second word is the first word with a letter deleted. What are words?
( Ex: brand and band)
The length of the first word in each pair is provided, along with the position of the deleted letter to obtain the second word.
1. covered with soft thick hair (5 letters) and (delete 3rd letter) violent anger, wild rage
2. a fabric made of fibrous material (5 letters) and (delete 5th letter) to coagulate
3. the relative resistance of a material to scratching or denting (8 letters) and (delete 4th letter) the straps by which a parachute is fastened to a person
4. a hypnotic, cataleptic or ecstatic state (6 letters) and (delete 4th letter) a barely perceptible amount

0 votes

Find a word to fit the first clue, then add one letter to give a word to fit the second clue.

What are the words?

'not all of something' 'a social gathering'

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