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What are the transformations of these sentences?

+1 vote

What are the transformations of these sentences-

[1] I love my mother most. (positive degree),
[2] I am a student. (negative)

posted Apr 1 by Yasin Hossain Siinan

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Put these words and phrases in the correct sequence and create meaningful sentences

1: a) visited b) a month c) in over d) I have not e) my grandparents
2: a) his father's b) final exam c) failed the d) Karan e) disappointment f) much to
3: a) meet b) Mrs Malhotra's c) surliest man d) husband e) you'll ever f) is the
4: a) be 21 years old b) still need c) to buy alcohol d) you may e) a liquor permit f) but you
5: a) is worth b) a bird c) two in d) in the e) hand f) the bush
6: a) is refusing b) than a c) fortnight's leave d) her boss e) her more f) to grant
7: a) six months b) together c) it took d) jigsaw puzzle e) to piece f) this giant
8: a) despite b) Myra hates c) her musical ability d) piano lessons e) attending
9: a) along this b) terrible after c) 6 pm d) route is e) the traffic
10: a) apartment b) but the c) buy this d) owner is e) I'd like to f) an exorbitant price g) demanding
11: a) vegetarian b) so make c) he's a d) sure to e) eggless cake f) order an
12: a) time she b) with a c) take criticism d) learned to e) it's about f) pinch of salt
13: a) my brother b) been a c) hypochondriac d) bit of a e) has always
14: a) only once b) seasonal flowers c) a year d) these are e) and bloom
15: a) to Europe b) planning c) all year d) this trip e) he's been

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There are two groups of three-letter words used in the sentences below. The first missing words of each sentence are anagrams of each other, and the second missing words are also anagrams of each other. Can you find them ?

  1. It is only ____ that we use a trap to catch a ____, instead of having a cat in the house!

  2. To staunch the bleeding from a wound suffered by an animal, people used to ____ some hot ____ onto the wound at one time.

  3. To ____ into the mysteries held within the human psyche and enjoy these mysteries to the fullest, is the objective of any ____.

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Each of the following sentences contains clues to a set of three words that are anagrams of each other (each sentence describes a different set).

1) George threw his extra javelin through two fleshy fruits related to an apple.

2) Mary had to halt the food preparation because she found a stain on each of the cooking utensils.

3) Per the negotiation, Isaac agreed to guide the troops through the valley.

4) How would you respond if the container of supplies had disappeared without a vestige?

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The following sentences can be completed by adding two words that are anagrams of one another.
Each word has only four letters. Enjoy!

  1. If you prick your finger while picking a ____, it may be very ____.

  2. If you take a ____ at the Mad Hatter's party, you still may not get a sip of his ____.

  3. If you need some stamps, then you must ____ by the ____ office.

  4. If you eat a whole ____ of a wedding cake, you may develop a spare ____ around your middle.

  5. If you have a ____ with your friend, you should forgive them and focus on the future, not on the ____.

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These are the First and Last Letter of words that are opposites.
Can you guess what they are ?

  1. W----R And S----R
  2. H-T And C--D
  3. D--P And S-----W
  4. T------R And A---T
  5. E-----E And I-----E
  6. C---P And E-------E
  7. A---E And B---W
  8. Y-------Y And T------W
  9. F----E And P--T
  10. E--Y And D-------T
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