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I am the first son of my father, I can live without men but men can't live without me, the second son of my.............

+1 vote

I am the first son of my father,
I can live without men but men can't live without me,
the second son of my father has seen men rise and fall and have all of their secrets in his belly,
the third son of my father can never give you his gift forever,
he takes it from you when you corrupt it unknowingly but men cry for his gift no matter its cost,
the fourth son of my father is an obedient servant in the hands of men but when he losses his master he becomes an unmercifully god, the fifth son of my father is the center of our lives,
he guides us but he is a divine mystery.
What are we?

posted Mar 15 by Swati Arora

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1 Answer

0 votes

Water, earth, air, fire and spirit.

answer Mar 15 by Avantika Agrawal
Please put logic behind your answer.

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I am a being with many faces.
My first is peaceful and calm, but can kill you.
My second is strong enough to smash ships but still fears the sun.
My third flies when it's born and runs when it's dead.
My fourth goes away and never returns.
What am I?

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My first is in MATCH but not in GAME

My second is in FORTUNE but not in FAME

My third is in ROLE and also in PLAY

My fourth is in BALE but not in HAY

My last is in COUNTRY but not in NATION

My whole is used in decoration.

What am I?

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I am the first on Earth,
The second in Heaven,
I appear two times in a week,
you can only see me once in a year
Although I am in the middle to the sea.
What am I?

+1 vote

My first is in west but not in east.
My second is in igloo but not in log.
My third is in tag but not in tan.

What am i?

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