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What kind of person is Guillermo?

0 votes

In the country of Xan there are three classes of people:

  • Knights who always tell the truth.
  • Knaves who always lie and
  • Jesters who sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie.

Alan, Brian, Calvin and Guillermo are 4 inhabitants of Xan. Alan says: "There are 3 knights among us." Brian says: "There are 3 knights among us." Calvin says: "There are 2 knights among us." And Guillermo says: "There are no knights among us."

What kind of person is Guillermo?

AThere is no sufficient information
BGuillermo is a Jester
CGuillermo is a Knave
DThis is an impossible scenario
EGuillermo is a Knight

Correct Option: 2  
posted Mar 3, 2018 by anonymous

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There are two people, A and B, each of whom is either a knight or a knave.
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Details and Assumptions:
A knight always tells the truth.
A knave always lies.

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