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Five lovely ladies(Sonia, Ishika, Madhuri, Enaya and Olivia) planned a picnic..............So which ladies bought what ?

0 votes

Five lovely ladies(Sonia, Ishika, Madhuri, Enaya and Olivia) planned a picnic.

They each buy one thing each for the picnic.

Sonia, Enaya and Olivia got a drink : orange-Juice, apple-juice, and mango-juice.
Olivia got the drink with the same letter as the one in her first name.
Enaya loves mango-juice.
The other two bring some food : chocolates and pizza.
Also Madhuri is allergic to cheese.

So which ladies bought what ?

posted Feb 26 by Divya Bharti

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1 Answer

0 votes

Olivia = Orange juice
Enaya = Mango juice
Sonia = apple juice
Madhuri - choocolate
Ishika = pizza

answer Feb 26 by Jcm

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