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What is the counter sign?

+1 vote

The only way to get a free drink in this bar, is to prove to the barman that you are a friend of his boss. Here's how its done. You go to the barman, he tells you a number and you tell him the "countersign" number. If your answer is correct you get your drink. There's this mathematician who thought that there can't be a standard list of numbers and countersign numbers. There must be an algorithm that provides the answer from the number given by the barman. So he joins a party of three men who ARE friends of the boss and walks with them to the bar hopping to understand the algorithm from the three answers. HERE'S WHAT HE HEARD: The barman says "6" to the first man, he says "3" and got his drink. The barman said "12" to the second man, who replied "6" and got his drink. The barman said "14" to the third man and he answered "8" (!) and got his drink. Now its the mathematicians turn. "20", said the barman.

What is the counter sign?

posted Aug 19, 2014 by Anil Chaurasiya

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1 Answer

+1 vote


You count the number of letters in the word. Twenty has 6 letters so the mathematician should say "six".

answer Aug 19, 2014 by Vrije Mani Upadhyay

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The first is a sign of something good,
the second says whereto;
the third is vulgar and mean,
the fourth is bound by a ring;
the fifth is the noble one.
Together they all drum.

What are they?

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The sign DENTAL SUPPORT can be changed into a sign promoting another type of doctor by adding a line to one of the letters in the sign. How do you accomplish this?

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You have a square as of following images. What you have to do is cut and reassemble the square such that you create a Red Cross sign that has the same volume as that of the square.

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Two spies want to get in an enemy's military base.In order to get in they have to give the correct countersign to the guard at the gate after he gives them the sign. So they wait hidden nearby the gate so that they will overhear the countersign from another soldier.

One soldier comes and the guard gives the sign: "6".The soldier answers "3".The guard lets him pass. Another soldier comes.The guard says "12" and the soldier gives the answer "6".The guard lets him pass. So, the first spy goes at the gate and the guard says "10".The spy, sure that he knew the answer as he was, says "5". Immediately, the guard shoots him dead.

Then the other spy, who saw that the other spy was killed when he gave the countersign, had now understood what the right answer would be, whatever the guard's sign was.So, he walks to the gate and the guard says "8".The spy gives the correct answer and the guard lets him in. What was the answer that the spy gave?

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