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How many diamonds are there on playing cards in a 52 card pack?

0 votes
How many diamonds are there on playing cards in a 52 card pack?
posted Jan 26, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

13 cards will have diamonds on it out of 52
According to standard 52-deck card :
Every card of diamond(or any) suit should have 4 diamonds(or heart or club or spade respectively)
With that every card from A till 10 will have same number of diamonds(or it's suit symbol) extra associated as the value number of that card,
I.e A should have 4+1 diamonds,
2 should have 4+2 diamonds,
3 should have 4+3 diamonds and so on till 10.
J,K,Q will have 4+2 diamonds each.
So, total diamonds = 4×13 + (1+2+3+....+10) + 2×3
= 52 + (10×11)/2 + 6
= 52+55+6
= 113

answer Jan 26, 2018 by Varun Bankapur

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