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Place your detective cap on and find the killer in the picture puzzle below?

+1 vote

Place your detective cap on and find the killer in the picture puzzle below?

enter image description here

posted Jan 19, 2018 by Swati Arora

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2 Answers

+1 vote

The guy with the cast seems too suspicious.
With a cast he thinks it is a good idea to go shopping for t-shirts.
Also it is very convenient to hide things in his cast that can be used to kill someone.

answer Jan 19, 2018 by Tejas Naik
0 votes

The man with the cast
A) The man must have worn the cast to carry the weapon.

B) Why would a man with the cast go for shopping shirts and coats? Seems his intentions are something else (like killing)

C) The cashier and man next to her are both right-handed and based on blood strains which are on the left side of dead man indicates that killer must be a left-handed person.

answer Nov 11, 2019 by Pardeep Kohli

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 1. Daya ran in the Bangalore City marathon yesterday with one of the innocent men.
 2. Mohan considered being a farmer before he moved to the city. 
 3. Jaroon is a topnotch computer consultant and wants to install Balu's new computer next week.
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Consider yourself to be a detective....So who is the killer ??

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See the picture below and guess this is murder or suicide.

enter image description here

0 votes

Detective Brown reviewed the information they had on the case so far. A lady was found shot and they already had a list of suspects - John, Mark, Sarah, Henry, and Carol. Plus, there were five notes that were found that were from the killer.

The first was found in a supply room.
The second was found in an art studio.
The third was in a restroom.
The fourth in an animal shelter, and
The fifth at the harbor.

All of the notes read the same thing, "The clues are where you find the notes." Yet, nothing was found at anyplace the notes were.

Taking one more look at all the clues, Detective Brown immediately solved the case.

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Look at the picture and see if you can find anything that will help you determine whether it is a Murder or a suicide?

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We have three empty cups. You need to put in your lateral thinking cap and place ten sugar cubes in three cups such that every cup contains an odd number of sugar cubes.
Can you do it?