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Liar Truth-teller Problem: Which way should Derek follow?

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There are two tribes on an island. Natives from the Truth-teller Tribe will always speak the truth, while natives from the Liar Tribe will always lie.

Derek comes to a fork in the road. He wants to find the correct road to the Truth-teller Tribe. Two natives, where at least one of them is a truth-teller, made the following statements.

A: The left road leads to the Truth-teller Tribe.
B: If I were him, I would say that the right road leads to the Truth-teller Tribe.
A: Well, if I were him, I would say that the right road leads to the Truth-teller Tribe.

Which way should Derek follow?

AThe right road
BCan't be determined
CThe left road

Correct Option: 3  
posted Jan 8, 2018 by anonymous

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