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Ana is taller than Ruby but not taller than Pinky. Pinky is shorter than Ron but not shorter than Ruby. Who is tallest?

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Correct Option: 2  
posted Nov 23, 2017 by anonymous

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O, P, Q, R, S and T are standing on a bench according to their height. P is taller than O but shorter than S. Only S is taller than T. R is shorter than P but taller than Q. Who is the tallest?

+1 vote

Rony is taller than Joy and John is shorter than Rony. Which of the following statements is correct?

  • John is shorter than Joy
  • John is as tall as Joy
  • Impossible to tell whether John or Joy is taller
  • John is taller than Joy
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Among five boys V is taller than M, but not as tall as R, J is taller than D but shorter than M. Who is tallest in their group?

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Five girls are not in complete agreement about the date of the Math test.

Andrea says it will be in August, 16th, Monday;
Daniela says it will be in August, 16th, Tuesday;
Fernanda says it will be in September, 17th, Tuesday;
Patricia says it will be in August, 17th, Monday;
Tatiane says it will be in September, 17th, Monday.

Only one of them is completely right. The others guessed at least one of these information correctly: the month, the day or the weekday.

Who is right?

0 votes

Tim: "I am a joker but Tom is a knave"
Tom: "I am not a joker but Tim is a knight"
Jim: "When Tim and I are in the same room, Tim always lies. But when Tom and I are in the same room, he tells the truth"

Knights tell the truth, knaves lie, jokers just mimic anyone who are in the same room with them
There is only 1 knight, 1 knave and 1 joker
Tim and Tom were in the same room while Jim was outside.

Who was the knight?