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A phone conversation: "May I speak to the director?" "Who's calling?" .................This does not make sense. Why?

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A phone conversation:
"May I speak to the director?"
"Who's calling?"
"Karan Khajuria."
"I beg your pardon. Could you spell your last name?"
"K as in Kanpur, H as in Hyderabad, A as in Agra, J as in Junagarh...."
"J as in what?"
"Thanks. Please go ahead."
"U as in Usmanpur...."
This does not make sense. Why?

posted Aug 28, 2017 by Balwinder

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1 Answer

0 votes

It don't make sense becauae front person don't understand who had done call

answer Aug 29, 2017 by Richa Newatia

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