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Can you solve these ?

0 votes
1. 100 Z in a G
2. 100 T in a G of S
3. 6= S of a H
4. 1 = P of P P that P P P
5. 1 F T M 2 F T S
posted Aug 4, 2014 by Ankur Athari

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1 Answer

+1 vote
  1. 100 Zeros in a Googol.
  2. 100 Tiles in a Game of a Scrable.
  3. 6= Sides of a Hexagon.
  4. 1 = Peck of Pickled Peppers that Peter Piper Picked.
  5. 1 For The Money 2 For The Show.
answer Aug 4, 2014 by Ankit Bajpai

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I move like the wind. I reflect what you see. I am many colors although I may not be. I see everything around the world without moving. I have been here since before inhabitants on this planet. I can twist and turn without feeling. I can get angry and throw a temper without being ashamed. I am used by every one. No one knows where I came from. What can you conclude from these hints?

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Each pair of definitions is for two words, where the second word is the first word with a letter deleted (example: brand & band). The length of the first word in each pair is provided, along with the position of the deleted letter to obtain the second word.

1) range of vision (4 letters) & (delete 4th letter) to strive for victory
2) excessively severe (5 letters) & (delete 3rd letter) a chopped mixture of cooked meat and vegetables
3) a set of stairs, as between floors (6 letters) & (delete 2nd letter) to argue or quarrel
4) to rule out or prevent (8 letters) & (delete 4th letter) an introductory action preceding a more important one

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……….सिंह नाम का एक व्यक्ति……….खरीदने के लिए……….घर गया । जब वो वहां पहुंचा तो अचानक उसे……….बजने की आवाज़ सुनाई दी । उसने एक……….लगा कर वहां से एक……….ख़रीदा और घर लौट आया।

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