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Though cold, in mine own company you may feel bliss, Though fearful as I'm known, all work towards my kiss,...

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Though cold, in mine own company you may feel bliss
Though fearful as I'm known, all work towards my kiss
Defeated by none, so none living know my face
All who will live will feel my embrace
Whether with pleasure or pain, I am met all the same
Long-awaited or early, I never come late
Who am I?

posted Aug 8, 2017 by Ankana Guchait

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On my own, I am darkness, a black abyss. But, Life brings me light with its gentle kiss. I am quiet and cold, but warmth I can hold. Alongside beauties and wonders, sights to be told. My surface may be bare, this I’m aware. But, beautiful secrets I am eager to share. My mouth so large, I swallow you whole. To be in my belly is your goal. What may lie within can drive men to sin. Greed and desire, gluttony’s kin. For some, I am fear. For others, hope. My perception shaped from life’s scope. From the earth I have come, and forever will stay, even if parts of me crumble away. What am I?

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Upon one's entry I make one feel invited,
Though my greeting goes unrequited,
By all of your guests, I'm looked down upon
Receiving no attention as their visit goes on
Stomped upon as they exit,
I'm not dejected
In fact, I remain totally unaffected
With my positive message seven- letter
One might think I would be treated better.
What am I?

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Your energy makes me glow,
makes me feel all warm inside.
Though now I'm just for show,
I was once useful in your life.
I once stood in your presence,
tall and fresh and good.
Nowadays you wear me down,
I wear a shrunken hood.

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In hair, I am all dressed
My flesh as well, appreciated
Even though I am not an animal
I produce milk for you all

Can you guess what I am?