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Can you guess what was the plan?

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In an ODI Cricket World Cup finale, India were given a stiff target of 405 runs by Australia to chase . As India is quite good at chasing, India was on the brink of victory, thanks to the two chase masters of India – Virat Kohli and M.S. Dhoni . India were 403 for the loss of 3 wickets in 49.4 overs . So, India needed just three runs in two balls . This was not a big deal for the two talismanic batsman, however, both of them were facing a problem . Virat Kohli was not out on 198 and M.S. Dhoni was playing on 97 . Kohli was going to take the strike for the next ball . Both the batsman after chatting for a few minutes came out with a plan such that Virat Kohli can get a double century, M.S. Dhoni can get a century and also India wins the match, with the two batsman remaining not out.

Can you guess what was the plan?


  1. Both the remaining balls will be legal, i.e., no wide, no noballs .
  2. Only three runs is required of the final two balls .
posted Jul 31, 2017 by Ram Jana

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1 Answer

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Both the batsman made a plan to acclomplish all the goals in the next two balls, i.e., Kohli getting a double century, Dhoni getting a century, India winning the match with both of them still being not out . The plan was to do the following on the two balls left –

BALL 1- Kohli will take three runs but will run 1 shot run (not touching the line on the batting crease, while running ), in this way only two runs will be awarded to India and Kohli will get a double century and M.S. Dhoni will now be on the strike for the last ball ( because they ran three runs ).

BALL 2-Dhoni can hit the ball for either a three, four or even a six, and lead India to victory along with his century.

In this way both the batsman can accomplish what they wanted, without defying any cricket logic

answer Sep 21, 2017 by Mogadala Ramana

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