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Find the correct tablet combination from 2 fever and 2 cold?

+1 vote

If I give you 4 tablets which contain 2 for fever and 2 for cold..all 4 have same size, shape and color, No cover. You have to take 1 cold and 1 fever tablet right now.

How will you choose correctly?

posted Jul 31, 2014 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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3 Answers

+1 vote
Best answer

Break all the four tables by half and take one half if each of the four tablets. Rest can be kept for the next dose :-)

answer Aug 2, 2014 by Natarajan Venkatraman
+1 vote

Break the 4 tablets into powder and take half the quantity

answer Aug 19, 2014 by anonymous
+1 vote

half tablets of all

answer Aug 27, 2014 by anonymous
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