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During lunch hour a group of boys from Mr. Vinod's hometown visited a nearby grocery store...........Who took the apple?

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During lunch hour a group of boys from Mr. Vinod's hometown visited a nearby grocery store. One of the five took an apple.
Jayant said, " It was Hemant or Tapesh".
Hemant said, " Neither Eeshan nor I did it".
Tapesh said, " Both of you are lying".
Dheeraj said, " No, one of them is lying, the other is speaking the truth".
Eeshan said, " No, Dheeraj, that is not true".
When Mr. Vinod was consulted, he said, " Three of these boys are always truthful but two will lie every time".
Who took the apple?

posted Jul 11, 2017 by Mohammad

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1 Answer

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Tapesh stole the apple.
Either Dheeraj or Eeshan lie.
That leaves 1 other liar.
If Tapesh speaks the truth, both Jayant and Hemant are lying, giving 3 liars.
Therefore Tapes is lying and Jayant and Hemant are speaking the truth.
Tahe means Tapesh stole the appel.

answer Jul 16, 2017 by Jcm

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