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There was a man who wanted to treat his son he went to the doctor and the doctor told him that he need to get...........

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There was a man who wanted to treat his son he went to the doctor and the doctor told him that he need to get 1 orange in order to cure his son on the the same village where the man was staying there where no any single orange, so the man tried to another village when the man reached another village he saw millions of oranges in the garden when he reached the entry he realised that this garden had for 4 gates and each gate had a gatekeeper so when ever he could pass by each gate keeper they where telling him that whichever organges he bring ,they should share in between. so how many oranges did the man come out with from the garden to share with the gatekeepers and remained with 1 orange to cure his son?

posted Jun 20, 2017 by Rahul Chandel

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1 Answer

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16 oranges

Exit- 1 orange
Gate 4- 1*2=2 oranges
Gate 3- 2*2=4 oranges
Gate 2- 4*2=8 oranges
Gate 1- 8*2=16 oranges

answer Jul 14, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov

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