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What will the password for Friday be?

0 votes

Shruti's daughter Arshika need to be picked from the school every day. Shruti asks one of her colleagues to pick her from school.
Shruti devised a password mechanism to confirm that Arshika goes with the correct person only.
The password on Monday was SAM16.
The password on Wednesday was RSW39.

What will the password for Friday be?

posted Jun 1, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

TIF56 is the password.

answer Jun 1, 2017 by Tejas Naik
What is the logic?
T - Shruti 5th letter
I - Arshika 5th letter
F- Friday 1st letter
5 - Friday is 5th day of week
6 - Length of Friday

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Marie’s daughter Jenny had to be picked from school every evening.

Anyone who was free in the evening from Marie’s office would go and pick her.

Marie devised a password system to confirm that Jenny goes with the correct person only.

If the password on Monday is MMJ16 &

On Wednesday is WRN39

Then what will be the password on Friday?

+1 vote

Christmas and New Year's Day occur exactly one week apart. So a New Year's that occurs right after Christmas should be on the same day of the week. But in the year 2020 Christmas will occur on a Friday and New Year's on a Wednesday.

Why is this?

0 votes

A spy wanted to get into a secret club for some information.

But to enter you had to know there’s a secret password.

He waits outside and spies on two members.

When Member 1 knocks on the door, the guard knocks back 6 times and the member replies with 3 knocks and he was let in.

When member 2 knocks on the door, the guard knocks 12 times and the member replies with 6 knocks and he was let in.

So the spy thought he had cracked the logic so he knocked on the door.

The guard knocked ten times and the spy replied with 5 knocks but he was not let in.

What was the correct secret password and what’s the logic behind it?

0 votes

There is an island with infinite grass and vegetation. The island is inhabited by 1 sheep and n lions. The lions can survive by eating the sheep or vegetation, but they prefer to eat the sheep .

The catch is that, when a lion eats the sheep, it gets converted into a sheep itself and then can in turn be eaten by other lions. The lions want to eat the sheep, but not at the risk of being eaten themselves.

What is the number of n for which the sheep will be safe?

Hint: A lion will eat a sheep, only if there is no chance of it being eaten by any other lion when it is converted into a sheep.

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