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Who dies in the following puzzles?

0 votes
posted May 29, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

D dies and all the others stay alive, balls stabilize next to each other as red ball has less weight than the blue one so can't push it.

answer Jul 16, 2018 by Hanifa Mammadov
i think no one will die
because red ball is not a complete circle when it reach the D the empty space may occur to his head
and he may be alive
i am not sure but he may be alive
The sloped line is 5 units (hypotenuse of the triangle with sides of 3 & 4) plus 1 or 1.5 units so 6- 6.5 units. The round diameter seems to be 2 units so perimeter will be 2*pi*r=2*3.14*1=6.28 units. That means that the ball will make a full rotation, no chance for D to survive...

see this video and tell whether it is correct or not
Do you believe in it, looks like filled with air. It will really depend on the material the ball made of. If it is light material that can fly it may not kill the person. If its heavy then no chance to move a lot. There are number of animations on this subject. You may believe in any of them. I tend to believe that the ball will stop next to bottom one.

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For now I must stay under the man who made me,
but when he dies I'll be as powerful as he.
They will watch and listen to what I say,
then some of their money to me they'll pay.

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