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We have to spend rs 100 by purchasing 100 items using the condition

0 votes

We have to spend RS 100 and buy 100 items according to given condition
1 peacok RS 15
1 pezions RS 1
20 sporrow RS 1

posted Apr 11, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

if all three types have to be bought there is no solution because
if a= number of peacocks
b= number of pigeons
c=number of sparrows , these conditions for quantity and cost respectively must satisfy
subtract 14a=19c/20 or a=19c/280
for a to be a whole number c has to be 280 which violates the fundamental condition of a,b,c each <100

answer Apr 16, 2017 by Kewal Panesar

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We have to spend RS 100 and buy 100 items according to given condition
1 cooker RS 15
1 spoon RS 0.25
1kadaai RS 1

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Amogh buys three items at the store for exactly Rs 100. The second item costs half as much as the first item, and the third item is half as much as the second.
How much did each one cost?

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How to buy 100 item using Rs 100 if -
1 cock = 19 Rupee,
1 hen = 1 Rupee and
20 eggs = 1 Rupee

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My first, a condition for business affairs
My second you may choose to leave to your heirs
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