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Guess the Following Five Hindi songs from the given clue?

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  1. Oh,this night,this season,along the river bank,this playful wind.
  2. Day is about to end,twilight is on the way,let me go,I have to go.
  3. I have forgotten my parents place as my beloveds house is lovely.someone please inform my maternal abode about the same.
  4. I am a vagabond ,like a star in the sky,I am.
  5. This drenched night and lovely atmosphere, rises up slowly the lovely moon.
posted Jul 13, 2014 by Yogeshwar Thakur

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  1. Lonely! What's the problem? If you wish, nothing is out of our control.

  2. Are you the full moon or the sun? Whatever you are, I swear by God, you are wonderful.

  3. Life is a beautiful journey. Who knows what will happen tomorrow?

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  7. Sweetheart mine, how long will you torture me like this?
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